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mrdoubleyou asked 4 years ago

When I change the status of an appointment, no email notifications were sent.
It took me an hour of testing and checking the plugin source for bugs and checking my mail server, before I found out that there is a checkbox “Send email notification” that is unchecked by default !
Now, why didn’t I see this checkbox sooner?
Because I have a very wide monitor and the checkbox is on the most left position and the Apply button is on the most right position of the screen……
And most importantly I didn’t expect that there even was a choice to not send notifications. Why wouldn’t you notify a customer that his/her appointment has changed?
And why is this checkbox unchecked by default?
Please change this, it drove my wild the last hour.

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi, you are right. Default value (checked) is already fixed and it will be part of new version. Thanks for feedback.

Best regards,

mrdoubleyou replied 4 years ago


gvarghese answered 4 years ago

I don\’t see the \”send email notification\” button or the apply button on my settings page.  I have a wide monitor too.  I am having the exact same problem the OP had.  The confirmation emails are not going out.  The pending email is going out when the customer originally created the appointment.  However, no emails once the appointment is confirmed or when any changes are made subsequently. Please help. 

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 4 years ago

This is already fixed and it will be part of new version.

Best regards,