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Héctor asked 1 week ago

The synchronization between Google and the plugin is not working fine. What I change in the plugin is changed in Google Calendar. However, if I add an appointment in Google Calendar, the time slot is not booked in EasyAppointments. ¿Why is not bidirectional? This used to worked in the past.
I checked the settings of Google Calendar, and the calendar is shared, so it should work. I also checked in the plugin in “Connect > Add Calendar” and I can see the calendars I have in Google, so it should work.
Thank you.

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 1 week ago

Hi Hector, can you please do the following. Remove and add mappings to Google Calendar settings in Extension. Turn on logging all information and download that file. There you should see how many events were fetched from Google Calendar and how many are actually stored to EA.

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