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Brianna asked 7 years ago
Just getting started with this app. I have a few questions already.... I made some bulk connections where one provider can provide about 15 different services at one location. It seems to me that if the provider is reserved for one service, the other services should be blocked off, since they can't do two services at one time. When I test the booking app and get the service, the other services are still available at the same time and location.  Next question, I make the bulk connections recurrent for a few weeks at a time. There are a few hours that some providers need off (Hours are very relaxed at the office). What is the best way to block off some time for the providers?
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago
Hi, there is a separate option called Multiple work you should uncheck it. Then it will calculate free slots across all services for one worker. For making the day off you can create opposite connections that will block those days. If you buy extension then it will be possible to have Google Calendars for example each worker can have it's own calendar and just fill there slots and sync it back to EasyAppointments. Best regards, Nikola