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wukutuphane asked 10 months ago
Hi Nikola, Thanks a lot for the latest update but I’m afraid this plug-in is becoming more problematic. My appointments are between 8:00-23:59 with different durations. Here is the problems I have at the moment: 1- Appointments ending at 23:59
  • If I choose ‘only beginning time’ form style; the form doesn’t show some slots toward the end of day depending on duration of appointment.
For example, if the user chooses a 3 hour appointment, it shows slots up to 21. This would be okay if the form allows him to choose 21 and book a 3 hour appointment until 23:59. But it doesn’t! It also doesn’t allow booking at 20 and 19 in this case.  
  • If I choose ‘beginning-end time’ form style, all slots are visible as normal but when a user tries to book an appointment that ends at 23:59, the appointment is not created.
  2- Unexpected block before appointments Regardless of form style, unexpected blocks still appear before all bookings. This means lots of revenue loss for us. The problems I had before new release (regardless of form style)
  • Unexpected block before appointments
  • Appointments are not created if the end hour is 23:59