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mindfit Staff asked 3 years ago
Hi Nikola
First let me say, I think I was around the 100th person to download and use this plugin, so still using it after all these years, Thank You for making it. Here is the issue, it seems many people are also missing the old plugin feature of having an option to have a booking lead time so that people can not book overnight and we wake up to a new appointment without notice. The block before or after in the service section does not work, let me explain why.

I have 3 services (Different tour options) that run twice a day with the same worker (Morning and afternoon).  If I use the block before or after option, it effects all of the  connections I have made.  So essential only one booking can be made per day not two.

My work around using your current system is to create
1) A morning and afternoon Service (Instead of a single connection with two times)
2) A Morning and Afternoon Worker  with separate connections)

This adds 6 new variations for the customer to have to select from the menu which is just too complicated.

The older versions of the plugin had a booking lead time option in the connections, so that a customer had to book that connection before a certain period of time.  That worked!, The block before and after does not unless you have multiply connections with multiple workers. 

We have a single worker who can do 3 services, twice a day.  But this worker is waking up in the morning with new bookings and does not have anytime to prepare the tour that has been booked.

Can you add the booking lead time function back.  It seems to be an issue with many people searching through the forums, and is a much more elegant solution to your newer attempt at doing the same thing
cornelia_assmus Staff replied 3 years ago

I have the same issue. Is there already a solution?

Best wishes