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klaus_arends asked 11 months ago

How can I block a certain period between two appointments? Example: A block is 60 min. The first available date is 10am, the last 6pm. I would like to block a period of 30 minutes between the sessions. First Booked Session 10am, next possible time 11:30 am How can I do this?

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 11 months ago

Hi Klaus,

you want to add buffer time if someone book at 10 till 11 so you would like for next slot to be starting from 11:30?

Best regards,

klaus_arends answered 11 months ago

Yes exactly…
i could extend the slot itself in order to fix the issue, but i want to avoid confusion for the client, who may think that his session may 90 minutes instead of 60.
It would be cool if i could choose in the backend a variable (blocked) time between the bookable seesions.