Block Time prevents confirmation of appointment

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AS asked 2 years ago
Hello Nikola,

is it possible to disable the block time for actions in the admin area? I have the following problem with this configuration. If a customer selects an appointment e.g. 48h and 10 minutes before the appointment and the block time is 48h (2280min), i can only manually confirm the appointment in the next 10 minutes. Otherwise the select field with the class="time-start" and data-prop="start" only shows a blank space.
This also applies on manually created appointments from the backend. I can only manually create appointments which respect the 48h block time.
We set the incoming appointment to pending, does it make any difference than reservartion? In my opinion the block time only should prevent the customer to make an appointment but not the admin and all actions from the backend. Maybe a second value for backend actions could be useful.

Please let me know if im missing something here. Best regards Aaron