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BlueSky Staff asked 3 years ago
Hello I was wondering how to activate scroll feature for the appointments inside the calendar for customers. Reason: If you set up Appointment duration to 5min and Slot_step also to 5min, the list of available appointments is very long, since the calendar wants ot show all available appointments at once. Is it possible to only show like 2 or 3 rows of appointments and the rest needs to be scrolled down? also is it possible to assign more columns inside the calendar itself? (what i mean is: in your example with ea_standard there are 5 appointments next to each other in columns, until the next row of appointments start. - in my case somehow when i use standard, i only have 4 next to each other btw). is it osmehow possible to set up the number of columns inside the calendar when using ea_bootstrap? since when i make the width bigger, it just stretches the width of the columns, too, still only showing two apoointments columns next to each other in ea_bootstrap. being able to configure the amount of coulms each row inside the calendar plus making it scrollable after displaying XY rows (maybe making this configurable, too) so it wont list a huge list of appointments at once, would be perfect. (this is important when your duration and slot_step times are small. most people have maybe 30min to 1h so they dont have this problem is guess. but having like 5min durations and slot_steps makes the appointment list huge.)
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi, you can solve that by adding custom styles. Please try adding this to custom styles settings in EA:
.time.well { height: 100px; overflow: scroll; }
Best regards, Nikola
BlueSky Staff answered 3 years ago
Thank you for the advice, you are a big help!