Auto-select worker with most available time?

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Maik asked 3 years ago
Hi. I was wondering, if it ´s possible to auto-select the worker with the most available timeslots or sth. like that. Just to make it easy for any customer, and don´t blow up the selections. If the customer isn´t interested in the name of the worker, it would be great if there´s a automatic assignment to a free employee. In the best case, the one that has the most timeslots available or that has been prioritized with an option. I also tested it with just one worker and more than 1 "Number of slots", but then, I can´t automatic assign the "really" worker in the backend. If this makes sense for you, I´m looking forward to your reply.
Thank you in advance for pointing out how it might be done. :)

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi Maik, thanks for the suggestion. You want to allow booking on first free worker that have less bookings? That will not be that simple to implement because we need to trace each slot for that worker. Best regards, Nikola