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Astrid Matz asked 3 weeks ago

Hey Nicola,
EA was working fine until one moment I can’t define, because nothing changed, but since then the calender doesn’t work anymore.
To fix the problem I made a new google calender, delete EA Connect and reconfigure all new. It worked…but a few days later in EA all appointments change their time itself 2 hours earlier. I can’t figure out why this is happening.
Appointments normally start 12am/2pm/4pm on weekends…the appointments change itself to 10am/12am/2pm. But only on EA, in my google calender I can see the normal time. But people can book the appointments double then and thats not possible in reality.
Please can you help me? While this problem is existing I can’t use this anymore for booking.
Best regards and thank you for your help!

Falko replied 3 weeks ago

I have the same problem since this week.
In EA lll appointments now show two hours earlier than they were booked. Also the appointment reminders are sent for two hours earlier.
The appointments are shown correctly in google calendar.
I am in the time zone of Paris (UTC+2). So it’s as if the plugin ignores the time zone setting. The time zone is set correctly set in “wordpress->general” and it worked correctly until a few days ago.
I did an update of the Easy Appointments plugin this week, maybe a problem in the latest version?
Thanks for your help!

Astrid replied 3 weeks ago

Hallo Falko,
ich habe aktuell in WordPress die Zeitzone auf UTC +0 und im Google Kalender auch auf UTC +0 (und den Google Kalender angewiesen nicht selbst die Zeitzone zu ändern auf den aktuellen Standort). Seitdem bleiben meine Buchungen bei EA bei den geplanten Zeiten und mein Google Kalender zeigt es auch wie gewohnt an.
Ist nicht perfekt, aber funktioniert momentan.
Viele Grüße!

Astrid replied 3 weeks ago

Hi Falko, I currently have the time zone in WordPress on UTC +0 and in Google Calendar also on UTC +0 (and the Google Calendar does not have to change the time zone itself to the current location). Since then, my bookings with EA remain at the scheduled times and my Google Calendar also displays it as usual. Is not perfect, but works at the moment. Regards!

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Hi, can you please tell me what is the current state of this issue?

Best regards,

Astrid replied 3 weeks ago

Hi Nicola,
I currently have changed the time zone in WordPress from Berlin to UTC +0, also in Google Calendar to UTC +0 and change the settings in Google Calendar, that it doesn’t change the time zone itself to the current location. Since then, my bookings with EA remain at the scheduled times and my Google Calendar also displays it as usual. Is not perfect, but works at the moment.

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 3 weeks ago

If that works should be fine, but in WordPress timezone should be named one (Europe/Berlin or what is current timezone for you).

Astrid replied 2 weeks ago

Hi Nikola, my actual time zone is Berlin (+2), but if I set this in WordPress, all appointments are set to 2 hours earlier than planned.

Astrid replied 2 weeks ago

New try, if I change timzone in wordpress to Berlin again everything is fine…only if I also change timezone in google calender from UTC +0 to Berlin the appointmnets changes time itself in EA

Falko answered 3 weeks ago

Hello Nikola, 
I did some testing today.
The appointment time changes some minutes after confirming the appointment: 
1) I get an appointment request : the time is correct
2) I confirm the appointment : the time shows correctly in the EA appointment list and in Google calandar
3) A few minutes later the time in ghe EA appointment list changes ( the time in Google calendar keeps correct)
4) when a reminder is sent to the client, it’s sent with the wrong time
I did some further testing where I deactivated Google Calendar synchronisation and the time keeps correct.
I have the feeling that the issue comes from synchronisation with Google calendar. Is there a backwards synchronisation from Google Calendar to EA ? Maybe the problem lies there.
For the moment I keep Google Calendar deactivated. This is not ideal but prevents chaos in the appointments…
I hope my description helps to identify the cause of the problem
Best regards 

Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Falko, can you please check timezone on you WordPress General Settings again. Can you please try one more time to turn it back to named timezone. Also please check if the time is fine for example if you are trying to create/update post on wordpress etc. Maybe there are some time settings issue with hosting. Also Database can have it’s own timezone settings.

Best regards,

Falko answered 2 weeks ago

Hello Nikola,
I re-checked the time zone in the wordpress settings, it’s set to “Paris” (this is the right timezone I’m in)
I also checked the timezone of the shared Google Calendar in which the appointments will show up and it’s set to “GMT + 00:00”.
Maybe this one should be set to “Paris GMT + 02:00” as well ? I will do some testing and tell you how it’s going…

Falko replied 2 weeks ago

It seems like teh problem is resolved for me.
I did some tests with the timezone of the Google Calendar set to “Paris GMT + 02:00” and everything seems to be OK. The appointment times don’t change itself anymore.
Thank you for your help !
Best Regards