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tim.hollingworth Staff asked 5 years ago
Hi Nikola, This is a wonderfully useful plugin, it works exactly as I need it to. But I would like to ask is it possible to create a page with a [short-code] that creates a list of “timed events” and their “name” for any chosen day. This is so I can check this page on my mobile and I know who is booked in and what time and duration they have chosen for their confirmed appointment. I get all the emails and download the csv spreadsheet but this would be REALLY useful and save me even more time sorting my appointments out. Thanks again for a great looking and most useful plugin. Tim
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Tim, this is work in progress. EA will soon have a full calendar as short-code. There will be option to take a look at scheduler for particular day etc :) Best regards, Nikola