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Elvis Metodiev asked 6 years ago
Hey guys, I very much like the plugin you created! Got four questions though: 1 - Do we have to have a Business Google Calendar or it will work with regular Google calendar - the one that comes straight out of the box. 2 - If I purchase your extension, does the license apply to all websites I'll be building with it or it applies only to one site? 3 - If I purchase the extension, is there an option that an email is sent directly to the customer (because when I set the default status of the appointment to be "confirmed", I never received the confirmation email - on customer's side)?

4 - Is there any way to integrate this with Mail Chimp or for now we can manually import the guys there? Thank you!
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi, because first two are already answered I will go with 3. and 4. Regarding 3. you should get email but you will need to have custom field called email and also to mark that option inside settings. 4. Can you provide a little bit more details on import part? You want to add customer to mailing list? Best regards, Nikola
ElvisMetodiev Staff replied 6 years ago

Hey Nikola,

Thanks for answering. Appreciated. Also, thanks for writing this awesome plugin!

In regard to 3 (automatic emails sent to customers)… I am having an email input field where they enter their emails and then when I’ve set “Default state of reservation: Confirmed”, they do not receive an email after they submitted their reservation form.

Whenever I set the “Default state of reservation to Pending” from “Customize” icon, I get the reservation in my dashboard (so to speak) and then I can approve the reservation + tick “send an email notification” that way my customers will receive an email.

So the question is can they receive an automatic email when the “Default state of reservation” is “Confirmed” or it is working as designed?

The point here is that I want to eliminate the manual work and force the automation by directly setting the reservation to “confirmed” and having customers receiving emails automatically so that the worker just monitors their Google Calendar and does not have to stop their work in order to approve reservations all the time.

As to 4… yeah, I wondered whether I could just import my emails, captured from the Easy Appointments Plugin into my MailChimp list. I guess I can do that by exporting the .XML table from EA Plugin and then manually upload the emails into Mail Chimp. That should work, right?

Thank you!

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 6 years ago

Hi, you can set for customers to have confirmed appointments right away as default status. So new booking will be by default confirmed.

Regarding emails you can export that as CSV and then later import to Mail Chimp. Export to CSV will be improved soon so you will be able to choose columns that you want to export.

Best regards,